Kokeb Enterprises

Address: 16 Ntoyo Road,
Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia

Opening Hours : Mon to Fri – 7am to 5pm,
Sat & Sun – 7am to 1pm

Phone: +260 965 510351
and +260 974 094000

Construction Services

Through collaborative teamwork within and with our strategic partners our experienced people are industry leaders and continue to find solutions that both delight and excite our clients. This coupled with our experience, knowledge and technical capabilities means that our people always bring a fresh perspective to projects.


We do not work to predetermined formulas or rely on existing solutions as we recognise that every client and every project is unique. Instead we offer a bespoke service, tailored specifically to the client’s exact requirements, with the vision and flair to come up with the right answer every time.


Kokeb was founded on a belief that the construction industry would benefit from a more open and collaborative approach and we’ve become a leader in construction delivery by adhering to that founding principle.


We see ourselves as more than just construction experts. We are our clients’ partners in the truest sense, and as a result, our role is to never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner and more affordable with faster delivery.